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Big or small Coastline Towing does it all, from tractor trailer towing and recovery to enclosed transport, environmental clean up and specializing in water recoveries. We pride our selves in towing what others can't handle. At coastline towing we have the latest in equipment and training available in our industry.



Western Star Tandem Axle Wrecker

35 ton wrecker,18 speed, 600hp, fully equipped with air tools, cutting torches and spill supplies. Heavy Towing and Recovery including excavators, bull dozers, rollers.

4X4 Wrecker

Freightliner Single Axle Wrecker 4X4

16 ton wrecker, 300hp Cummins, 9 speed on air. Excellent for off Highway towing and recoveries.

Unit 202

Sterling 5 ton Decktruck

260 hp Mercedes 6 speed transmission, on air.22' sliding deck. With a little extra on deck space this unit is used for moving containers, smaller equipment such as your backhoe, excavator, generator, and loaded storage containers.

Unit 208 Hino Wrecker

Hino 258 3 Ton Decktruck

220hp Hino auto, 20' sliding deck. This deck is also used for forklifts, mini excavators, bobcats, and empty storage containers.

Unit 204

Hino 158 3 ton Wrecker

150hp Hino, 5speed, twin line wrecker. This wrecker with the twin lines is excellent for recoveries, it is also equiped to tow boats and RVs.


A.S.V Track Machine

50hp diesel, 4500lbs lifting capacity, equipped with forks & bucket for accident clean up & all terrain recoveries. The A.S.V comes out during special recoveries such as water recoveries out of streams, lakes or the ocean as well as mountian terrain recoveries and major clean up.


Emergency response trailer

Used for large accident scenes. Equipped with gen set, climbing gear, lighting, containment and spill pads, cutting torches and cut off saw. This provides everything our team needs to stay on site for long periods of time to get the job done as efficently as possible.

  22' Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed transport of exotic cars, hot rods, motorcycles.

Service Truck

Service Vehicle

Unlocks, boosts, tire changes, flagging and pilot car services.

Pilot Truck

Service Vehicle

Gas deliveries, unlocks, accident scene cleanup, boosts.